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Hajj Draw Result 2024 Pakistan – Check results for Govt Hajj scheme

Discover the latest updates on Pakistan’s Hajj Scheme 2024 draw results and pricing. Check your application status, learn about the digitalization efforts with a new mobile app, and explore the government’s initiatives to make Hajj more affordable. Stay informed for a seamless pilgrimage experience.Hajj Draw Result 2024 Pakistan – Check results for Govt Hajj scheme
The government of Pakistan’s religious ministry recently held a draw for the Hajj scheme in 2024.

Govt Hajj Scheme 2024 Draw Results

People who entered the draw can check the results on the official website or by using the PakHajj app.

The ministry mentioned that applicants will receive a text message with the draw results.

The deadline for submitting applications for the regular Hajj scheme was not extended.

By December 22, about 66,000 people had applied. Pakistan has a total of 180,000 slots for the year 2024, and some of them will be given to private Hajj operators.

Hajj 2024 Price from Pakistan

The cost of Hajj for those flying from Karachi and other regions in Sindh is Rs 10,65,000, while those departing from Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Faisalabad will pay Rs 10,75,000. Sponsorship prices are $3765 for the South and $3800 for the North.

To make the process more convenient, the government introduced a mobile application for pilgrims, which works without the Internet. This app includes features like lodging complaints.

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Additionally, the government has introduced a historic 20 to 21-day short Hajj package and is working to make the religious obligation more financially accessible to Pakistanis.

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