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Government Forms 19-Member Council to Boost Dairy Industry

“Explore the latest developments in the dairy industry as the Federal government forms a 19-member council for promoting dairy and its products. Get insights into policies, market strategies, and more in this concise overview.”

Government Forms 19-Member Council to Boost Dairy Industry

The government has made a new group to help the dairy industry. This group is called the “Council for Dairy and Dairy Products.” It has 19 people from different parts of the dairy business.

The Ministry of Commerce started this council to follow the Strategic Trade Policy Framework from 2020 to 2025. The council has people from the dairy industry, like the CEO of the Pakistan Dairy Association and the Chairman of the Agriculture and Dairy Farmers Association.

Other members include the head of Nestle Pakistan, the CEO of Engro Food, and leaders from different dairy companies. There are also people from universities and government departments in the council.

The council’s job is to give ideas to the government about policies for the dairy industry. They will focus on things like the supply chain, marketing, trade, and getting into new markets. The council can also ask for help from other government departments and organizations when needed.

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The Ministry of Commerce will tell who will lead the council. The council will meet at least four times a year, and the government will use the Export Development Fund to pay for its activities.

The government will also choose a secretary for the council for three years. The dairy sector is vital for agriculture and makes up a big part of the national economy.

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