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Government Expected to Maintain Status Quo on Petroleum Prices

Stay informed about the latest developments in Pakistan’s petroleum prices. Find updates on potential changes in petrol and diesel prices for January 2024 and insights into recent adjustments. Your source for concise and relevant information on the country’s fuel market.

Government Expected to Maintain Status Quo on Petroleum Prices

The government is likely to keep the prices of petrol and diesel the same in the first two weeks of January 2024. The exchange rate and international oil prices have not changed much recently. There’s a small chance that the prices might go up a little, but it’s more probable that they will stay the same.

In the last review on December 15, the government reduced the price of petrol by Rs. 14 per liter and high-speed diesel by Rs. 13.50 per liter. Kerosene and light diesel oil prices were also lowered by Rs. 10.14 and Rs. 11.29 per liter, respectively.

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Petroleum prices in Pakistan have been high for most of this fiscal year. Data from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics shows that petroleum imports have decreased by 16.19 percent in the first five months (July-November) of FY24.

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