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Government Committee for FBR Restructuring Recommendations

“Discover the latest government initiatives as a high-level committee aims to reshape the Federal Board of Revenue in Pakistan. Stay informed about proposed changes, including the creation of specialized structures and a Tax Policy group for a fairer tax regime. Follow the updates on the upcoming federal cabinet meeting for final approval.”

"Government Committee for FBR Restructuring Recommendations"

The government has made a special group to give ideas on changing how the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) works. The group has four members, including the FBR Chairman and other important people from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, and Cabinet Division.

This group will give its suggestions to the Federal Cabinet after getting approval from the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC). The aim is to make the FBR work better by following the SIFC’s approval.

They want to create new administrative structures and make sure the administration is more responsible. They are thinking about creating a Tax Policy group with experts to make the tax system fairer and more equal.

In the next federal cabinet meeting, they plan to discuss and approve the plan for restructuring the FBR after the four-member group gives their recommendations.

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There’s also a plan to make a special Customs Board to handle Pakistan Customs separately from the money collection part. This is to better control smuggling and other issues, while the FBR will still be in charge of collecting money. They might also make a new Inland Revenue Board under the Revenue Division.

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