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Government Announces Educational Scholarships for Children of Government Employees

Discover the latest initiative by the Punjab Government offering educational scholarships for the children of government employees. Find out how this program aims to improve education in Pakistan and provides financial assistance for students’ studies. Learn about the eligibility criteria, required documents, and the simple application process for this valuable opportunity.

Government Announces Educational Scholarships for Children of Government Employees

The Punjab Government has said that they will help the children of government workers go to school. This is because the education situation in Pakistan is not good. So, the government is doing many things to make education better. The Punjab government is giving money to students so that they can study more.

Kids whose parents work for the government, whether they are working now or have retired, or are sick or disabled, have a great chance to get money to help them in their studies. Here are the details:

  1. The Punjab Government workers in different jobs can apply for money to help with education for the year 2023-2024.
  2. The government is giving a good opportunity to get financial help from the Pakistani government.

Who Can Apply for Educational Scholarships for Government Employees’ Children:

  • All kinds of government workers, including those who are retired, disabled, or whose parents have passed away, can apply.

Government Announces Educational Scholarships for Children of Government Employees

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Conditions for Current/Retired/Disabled/Deceased Government Employees:

  • The students must have passed the matric or intermediate classes with at least 60% marks. They should also be studying in the next classes. This opportunity for money is for only two kids.
  • If the kid is studying in a registered school, they can apply for this grant.
  • This grant is for kids whose parents are sick or disabled.
  • Each child can apply for a separate scholarship.
  • The head/principal of the school must approve each application

Required Documents:

  1. Student ID card or B-form
  2. Copies of the mother’s or father’s ID cards
  3. Salary slips for government employees in December 2023 or January 2024.
  4. Copies of pension books for retired government employees
  5. Result cards from the school or university
  6. If many people apply, only the first two applications will be considered.

How to Submit the Application:

  • Kids of all Punjab government workers can give their application forms and documents to the head of the school.
  • Kids of workers on a scale of 16-22 BPS and 01-05 BPS should submit their applications to the Provincial Welfare Fund Board in Lahore.
  • Kids of workers in 01-15 BPS should submit their applications to the Deputy Commissioner of their district or the Chairman of the District Welfare Fund Board.

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