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Google & Samsung Launch Quick Share for Android Devices

Discover Google’s latest innovations, including the game-changing Quick Share system developed with Samsung. Seamlessly share content on various devices, ensure privacy controls, and enjoy expanded features like Fast Pair and enhanced partnerships with TikTok and LG. Experience the future of technology integration!

Google & Samsung Launch Quick Share for Android Devices

Google unveiled exciting new features at CES 2024, with one standout being the Quick Share system, developed in collaboration with Samsung. This replaces Google’s earlier sharing service, Nearby Share, introduced in 2020.

What makes this interesting is that Google has adopted Samsung’s terminology for this service. Quick Share combines the best features of both Google and Samsung, providing a default content-sharing option for various devices using Android or Chrome OS.

Google and Samsung Announce

Google is not stopping there. They are teaming up with top PC manufacturers, including LG, to expand Quick Share. Soon, it will come preinstalled on Windows PCs, a big step toward seamless device integration.

Google and Samsung Announce

Using Quick Share is easy. Users tap the Quick Share icon and select nearby devices for effortless content sharing. Google has also considered user privacy, offering options to control who can discover their device and send files.

Google and Samsung Announce

The rollout for Quick Share starts in February, targeting devices already supporting Nearby Share. Another exciting update is the expansion of Fast Pair to Chromecast with Google TV, simplifying the connection process for compatible headphones or speakers with just a tap.

Google has strengthened its partnership with TikTok, enabling users to cast TikTok content to devices with Chromecast built-in. This feature is already live.

Google and Samsung Announce

LG has partnered with Google to integrate Chromecast into its TVs, including those in hotels and hospitals. This means you can easily cast content from your phone to an LG TV in your room.

A new casting feature from Google allows smooth transitions of audio between a Pixel phone and a docked Pixel Tablet for Spotify and YouTube Music.

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Looking ahead, LG TVs, along with select Google TV and Android TV devices, will serve as hubs for Google Home. This simplifies the integration of devices supporting the Matter protocol into your home network through the Google Home app.

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