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Google Introduces NotebookLM, an AI Chatbot Designed for Students and Professionals

“Explore Google’s latest innovation, NotebookLM – an AI chatbot tailored for students and professionals, offering advanced features for efficient learning and work collaboration.”

Google Introduces NotebookLM, an AI Chatbot Designed for Students and Professionals

Google has created a new AI chatbot called NotebookLM, designed to help students and professionals with their work and learning. The chatbot is part of Google’s latest AI model called Gemini, which focuses on education and professional use.

According to Google, NotebookLM is the world’s first AI notebook and is powered by Gemini Pro, a part of Google’s powerful Large Language Model. The chatbot is now available to customers in the United States.

NotebookLM has been in a testing phase since June, during which Google gathered feedback from workers, creators, students, and educators to improve its functionality. Gemini Pro is mainly used for understanding and reasoning in documents for NotebookLM, along with other models like PaLM 2 to ensure the chatbot works correctly.

Google plans to add new features to NotebookLM in the coming weeks. One upcoming feature is the “Noteboard,” which allows users to save responses from the chatbot, excerpts from resources, and their notes in an organized manner.

NotebookLM can also work with multiple notes, summarizing them, combining them into one note, creating outlines, study guides, or larger documents. Users can give dynamic instructions to the chatbot based on their current tasks.

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Although the exact release date for NotebookLM in the US is not mentioned, Google expects it to be highly beneficial for both students and professionals once it becomes available.

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