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Google Calendar Enhances Workday Travel Management

Google Calendar is a versatile utility within Workspace that provides time management tools for maximum productivity. Additionally, it serves as a discreet notification system, informing your colleagues of your availability. The latest update aims to simplify the process of determining your whereabouts when you switch between different locations throughout the day. According to the company, this new functionality will be particularly useful for individuals who work from multiple places, such as their home, an office, a specific building, or a combination thereof. Google Calendar Enhances Workday Travel Management.

These Android apps have traditionally been limited to phone-sized user interfaces, which has been a disadvantage for everyone involved, except for developers who have not needed to update their apps for various screen sizes. Let’s explore how this feature can be beneficial. Once you have access to this functionality, you can indicate your working location by selecting “Create” from the main Calendar page and then clicking on “Working Locations.” Google Calendar Enhances Workday Travel Management.

Improved Travel Coordination in Google Calendar Boosts Workday Efficiency

For example, you can specify in your calendar that you will be working from home in the morning and in the office in the afternoon. Interestingly, the tech giant was expected to release its redesigned apps starting in May of this year. However, for some reason, both myself and others have only recently received the redesigned version of Google Calendar. Since 2021, Google Workspace customers have been able to add their work timings and locations to Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Enhances Workday Travel Management

Once you have accessed the feature, you can choose a date and specify your location during different time frames. This feature will make it easier for your coworkers to determine your current work location at any given time, whether they need to contact you or arrange a meeting, whether in person or virtually. It appears that the feature is being widely rolled out and is now available on my Chromebook tablets, such as the Lenovo Chromebook Duet. It includes a two-panel editing mode, with event creation and modification on the left side and the calendar view itself on the right side.

Streamlined Workday Travel Planning with Google Calendar’s Latest Upgrade

However, until now, the options have been limited. You could only define a default work location or specify your location for a single day or a range of days. For instance, you could set your working location as “Home” from 9 AM to 12 PM and as “Office” from 1 PM to 5 PM. Today, the feature is being rolled out, allowing users to set their working location by selecting the “Working Location” option as an event type in their calendar and then choosing a location.

Furthermore, there is a new and incredibly convenient way to switch between different calendar views at the top of the interface. Previously, there was no way to inform others that you would be in different places at different times during the day. The feature is currently being rolled out, and I already have access to it on my Workspace account. From there, you can easily modify the date, time, or recurrence by clicking on the corresponding time element.

Enhanced Workday Mobility: Google Calendar’s Enhanced Travel Features

You now have the option to choose between “Schedule,” “Day,” “Week,” and “Month” views without having to open the sidebar and toggle the option. This new placement is highly practical and appreciated, especially for individuals like myself who frequently switch between Day view and Schedule view to use Calendar as a journal-like tool.

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