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Good news for those looking to buy a Yamaha bike

Getting a new motorcycle in Pakistan is hard because the prices are going up. But, banks and motorcycle companies are making offers to help people buy motorcycles. This can make it easier for people to buy motorcycles and helps the companies keep selling them.

Good news for those looking to buy a Yamaha bike

Rev Up Your Ride: Meezan Bank Offers Interest-Free Installments for Yamaha YBR 125 in Pakistan!”

Dreaming of a new motorcycle in Pakistan? Rising prices making it difficult? Meezan Bank has a solution.

Yamaha YBR 125 now costs PKR 466,000, a record high. But Meezan Bank customers can rejoice!

Own your dream bike with interest-free installments. Pay just 25% down payment (PKR 113,125).

CCLC Likely to Approve Abolishment of FBR Commissioner

Spread the remaining amount over a year, paying PKR 33,925 monthly. Plus, a PKR 1800 processing fee.

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