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Ghani Chemicals to Enter Power Generation and Gas Businesses

Ghani Chemical Industries Limited, listed as PSX: GCIL, has made some important decisions. They plan to start a new business in generating power. To do this, they will create a new company, fully owned by GCIL, called Ghani Power (Private) Limited, or another suitable name approved by the SECP.

Ghani Chemicals to Enter Power Generation and Gas Businesses

In a letter to the main stock exchange today, the company also shared its intention to expand into the gas business. They aim to acquire an associated company named Ghani Gases (Private) Limited, with a nominal paid-up capital of Rs. 25,000/-. GCIL plans to buy it at Rs. 100,000/- and turn it into a wholly-owned subsidiary company, pending approval from the shareholders.

Furthermore, the company has decided to change the date of the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting to Saturday, March 02, 2024, instead of the previously scheduled date of Saturday, February 24, 2024. There will also be an addition to the agenda items.

The closure of Share Transfer Books, originally set for February 24, 2024, has been rescheduled to March 01, 2024, moving from the initial dates of February 17, 2024, to February 23, 2024.

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Any changes or additions to the agenda items for the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting will be communicated through PUCARS shortly, according to the filing.

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