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Getting ‘B’ Form or ID Card for Kids Under 18: Step-by-Step Guide

“Discover the easy steps to obtain Form B and ID cards for children under 18 with NADRA. Visit our centers, bring the required documents, and ensure your child’s identity is secured. 

Getting 'B' Form or ID Card for Kids Under 18: Step-by-Step Guide

NADRA, the organization that handles our national database and registration, has explained how to get Form B and ID cards for kids under 18. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to a NADRA center with your child’s computerized birth certificate. You can bring one parent or a court-appointed guardian with you.
  2. If both parents are there, one will apply, and the other will confirm the information.
  3. If only one parent is available, a Gazetted Officer or public representative (like MNAs, MPAs, or officials from municipal bodies) must verify the application form.
  4. Your child must be there for the ID card, and if they’re 10 or older, their fingerprints and photo will be taken.
  5. If the computerized birth certificate isn’t available at the Union Council, you can use a school certificate or a manual certificate from the Union Council.
  6. For more help:
  • Call the 24/7 Helpline at 051111786100
  • Mobile users can call 1777
  • Visit the NADRA website:⁩

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