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Gas Supply Halt in Karachi Areas Today by Sui Gas Company

“Stay informed about gas supply disruptions in Karachi’s Clifton area. Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) is conducting urgent repair work on a damaged pipeline, affecting various localities. Expect temporary interruptions until maintenance is completed tomorrow morning. #KarachiGasSupply #SSGCRepairWork”

Gas Supply Halt in Karachi Areas Today by Sui Gas Company

The gas company in Karachi, Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC), shared that they are fixing a damaged gas pipeline in Bath Island, Clifton. Because of this repair work, there will be a disruption in the supply of gas in some parts of Karachi.

The damaged pipeline is 16 inches wide, and SSGC had to lower or stop the gas pressure in this pipeline that serves many areas around Clifton. The places affected include Clifton, Gizri, DHA, Punjab Colony, Delhi Colony, Old City area, Mai Kolachi, Bath Island, Sultanabad, Ziauddin Hospital, Dolmen Mall, Movenpick, Mariott and PC hotels, and areas around Mai Kolachi.

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SSGC mentioned that their teams are working on the site to finish the repair work by tomorrow morning. They aim to resume the gas supply as soon as possible. Until the repair work is done, people in the mentioned areas might face issues with their gas supply.

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