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Gamca Medical Report Online Check

People from countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and others who want to work in Gulf countries need to undergo a medical test known as the GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Centres) medical test. This test is a necessary requirement for applicants participating in the GAMCA Health Organization expatriate programme.

Pakistan Medical Report Check Online

If you are planning to work in the Gulf countries and apply for a work visa, you must obtain the GAMCA medical test report or the passport medical report. This report ensures that applicants are in good health and fit for the job they are applying for. It’s a crucial step in the process for individuals from countries covered by the GAMCA Health Organization expatriate programme.

Gamca Medical Report Online Check

GAMCA Medical Report Check Is Your Medical Status Fit for Travel

With our user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly input your passport number and access real-time updates regarding the status of your GAMCA medical report. Please be aware that the GAMCA program has been officially renamed the Wafid program. The GAMCA website is no longer operational, and you can now find the new website at

Check Online

GAMCA medical report check online for Pakistan

Checking your GAMCA medical report online in Pakistan is easy and convenient. The GAMCA medical report is needed to make sure that people from Pakistan who want to work abroad are healthy and fit for the job. The test is done at special centers approved by the Gulf Approved Medical Association (GAMCA). You can find the list of these centers on their official website.

How to Check GAMCA Medical Report Online for Pakistan Passport in 2024?

To get your medical test report, you don’t need to go back to the GAMCA centers. You can check it online by following two simple methods:

  1. Gamca Medical Status Check By Passport Number
  • Visit the Wafid online portal.
  • Choose ‘Your Medical Examinations Results.’
  • Select ‘By Passport Number.’
  • Enter your passport number and nationality.
  • Click on ‘Check,’ and you can see the status of your medical test report online.
  1. Check with Slip Number:
  • Go to the Wafid online portal.
  • Select ‘Your Medical Examinations Results.’
  • Choose ‘Wafid Slip Number.’
  • Enter your GAMCA slip number.
  • Click on the ‘Check’ button, and your online medical report by slip number will be shown.

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