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Food Department’s Stance on Wheat Procurement Comes to Light

In a recent development in Punjab’s agricultural sector, the Department of Food has disclosed its operational procedures for wheat procurement, shedding light on crucial details for farmers across the region.

Food Department's Stance on Wheat Procurement Comes to Light

According to Tauseef Sabih, spokesperson for the Department of Food, the meticulous scrutiny of applications for wheat procurement is currently underway. Under the comprehensive wheat procurement policy, the Punjab Land Record Authority and the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) are actively involved in reviewing the submitted applications.

Crucially, the Department of Food clarified its role, stating it has no involvement in the eligibility verification process of applicants. However, farmers with land holdings of up to six acres were deemed eligible to submit their applications for procurement.

Furthermore, the spokesperson highlighted that notifications regarding the approval status of applications are being dispatched to eligible farmers. Upon the completion of the application scrutiny process, the Department of Food is poised to commence wheat procurement operations by the outlined schedule.

In a bid to facilitate the procurement process, the Department of Food has set up 393 wheat procurement centers spanning across Punjab. These centers serve as crucial hubs for wheat delivery and essential communication points for farmers involved in the procurement process.

In light of these developments, farmers are strongly advised to remain vigilant and proactive. Upon receipt of approval messages, it is imperative for farmers to promptly engage with the designated procurement centers. This proactive approach ensures seamless coordination and expedites the wheat procurement process.

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As Punjab’s agricultural landscape evolves, the Department of Food’s transparent and structured approach to wheat procurement stands as a testament to its commitment to bolstering the agricultural sector and supporting the livelihoods of farmers across the region.

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