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Financial Irregularities Uncovered in Prime Minister’s Secretariat Spark Concerns

A recent series of financial audits spanning fiscal years 2020-21, 2021-22, and 2022-23 have brought to light alarming irregularities within the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, raising questions about fiscal transparency and accountability.

Financial Irregularities Uncovered in Prime Minister's Secretariat Spark Concerns

The audit reports, revealing discrepancies exceeding Rs. 140 million, have pointed to a concerning pattern of mismanagement. Expenditures related to medicines, purported hospitality expenses, and unauthorized bonuses have come under scrutiny, highlighting systemic issues within the Secretariat.

Shedding light on the findings, the reports disclose that significant sums, exceeding a million rupees, were allocated towards medicines and hospitality expenses within the Secretariat. Additionally, unauthorized bonuses exceeding Rs. 100 million were disbursed to employees without proper directives from the Prime Minister.

Of particular concern is the revelation that each employee received bonuses five times, contrary to the Prime Minister’s directives, with officers within the Secretariat reportedly receiving an additional Rs. 4.5 million each as bonuses.

Furthermore, the audit team’s inability to access guest records for the fiscal year 2021-22 raises suspicions of non-transparency and potential attempts to conceal information within the Prime Minister’s Secretariat.

In response to these findings, the audit report has recommended decisive actions, including the retrieval of Rs. 80 million from Secretariat personnel and advocating for a thorough inquiry to ascertain accountability for the financial discrepancies.

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These revelations underscore the critical need for robust oversight mechanisms and transparent financial practices within governmental institutions to uphold public trust and ensure responsible stewardship of public funds.

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