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Fertilizer crisis is severe, wheat crop is likely to be affected

Widespread fertilizer shortages are putting significant strain on farmers, particularly impacting wheat crops. The shortage is raising concerns about potential adverse effects on the upcoming wheat harvest.

Fertilizer crisis is severe, wheat crop is likely to be affected

The problem with getting fertilizer has become worse in many cities of our country. This is making it hard for farmers. The cost of fertilizer went up by 1500 in just 15 days, and now it costs 5000 rupees. In places like Nankana, Rajanpur, and other districts in South Punjab, farmers are having a tough time getting fertilizer. In Hafizabad, some sellers were fined 285,000 rupees for selling fertilizer at high prices.

The Deputy Commissioner said that revenue officers now have the responsibility to make sure fertilizer is sold at a fair price. According to NFDC data, the use of urea increased by 5% in November compared to last year, but the use of DAP decreased by 11%. In November, the country used a record 630,000 tons of urea, which is 5% more than last November when 583,000 tons were used. In the first 11 months of this year, 6,014,000 tons of urea were used. The use of DAP fertilizer in November was 230,000 tons, 11% less than last year when it was 236,000 tons. In the first 11 months of this year, 1,370,000 tons of DAP were used.

The Industry and Commerce Minister, Gauhar Ejaz, noticed the issue and told the fertilizer factories to keep producing and supplying enough. The government has also ordered fertilizers from other countries. In Punjab, there’s a shortage of urea fertilizer, and this might affect the wheat harvest.

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On another note, the money sent back to Pakistan by people working in the UAE increased by 8% in November compared to the same month last year.

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