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Fees for Protecting Your Kuwait Visa December 2024 in Pakistan

Explore the simple steps to secure your Kuwait work visa as a Pakistani national. Gain legal protection and support from the Pakistan embassy, along with Rs1 million in life insurance. Learn about the uncomplicated process and associated fees, ensuring a stress-free journey for just Rs7,200.

Fees for Protecting Your Kuwait Visa December 2023 in Pakistan

Emigrant Registration Through Oep Status Check

In Pakistan, if you plan to work in Kuwait, it’s essential to safeguard your work visa. This involves paying a fee and submitting the required documents to the relevant department.

Kuwait visa protector fee in Pakistan December 2024

Once your visa is protected, you enjoy certain benefits. If you face any issues in Kuwait, the Pakistan embassy there will assist you. Additionally, you receive life insurance coverage of Rs1 million.

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Work Visa Protector Fee in Pakistan

  1. Insurance Premium: Rs2,500 (This covers your life for Rs1,000,000, and it lasts for 5 years).
  2. OPF Welfare Fund Fee: Rs2,000.
  3. Registration Fee: Rs2,500.
  4. OEC Fee: Rs200.

Protector Fee in Pakistan for Kuwait Work Visa

The total cost to protect your work visa is Rs7,200.

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