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Federal Educational Institutions Permit Student Unions

ISLAMABAD: “Senate Committee greenlights student unions’ return to federal schools. Explore the impact on student engagement and safety.”

Federal Educational Institutions Permit Student Unions

The Senate Committee on Education has agreed to a proposal to bring back student groups in federal schools. Federal Educational Institutions Permit Student Unions.  This decision came during a meeting led by Ifran Siddiqui. The education secretary and minister were absent, upsetting the committee chairman.

Irfan Siddiqui insisted that both officials must attend future meetings because their input is crucial in decisions about bringing back student organizations. He reminded everyone at the meeting about how important student unions were in training students in the past.

Senator Bahramand Khan Tangi explained that the bill’s goal is to protect students from threats and blackmail. Senator Siddiqui added that the ban on student unions has led to the rise of regional groups in schools, which could be risky.

The people at the meeting talked about a new law for student groups in federal schools. The leader of the group was not happy that the education secretary and minister didn’t come to the meeting. He told them to come to the next ones or face problems. Senator Irfan Siddiqui reminded everyone how student groups were important in teaching students about politics.

Senator Bahramand Khan Tangi said the new law is to keep students safe and stop them from being blackmailed.

However, Senator Irfan Siddique is worried about the new trend of regional groups in schools because student groups are not allowed. He thinks it might be risky.

The education ministry shared news with the committee about daily wage teachers. They said they’ve made the jobs of 137 teachers in the Federal Directorate of Education more secure, as told by the ex-Capital Administration and Development Division. They’re still working on 71 more notifications.

The committee also talked about teachers who got their jobs back but haven’t been paid. They told the ministry to give a detailed report about paying these teachers.

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Senator Prof Dr Mehr Taj Roghani said she’s worried because technologists don’t have a clear plan for their jobs, and she asked for a quick solution. The chairman of the Higher Education Commission praised Senator Ruksana Zuberi and the Chairman Engineering Council. He said that the Pakistan Engineering Council has agreed to treat technologists equally under the Sydney Accord.

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