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FBR Urges High Courts for Swift Action on Billions Worth Tax-Related Cases

In a proactive move to address the mounting backlog of tax-related cases, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has initiated steps to expedite proceedings in High Courts across Pakistan. At the behest of the FBR, the Attorney General for Pakistan has petitioned High Courts for the swift resolution of cases involving substantial revenues.

FBR Urges High Courts for Swift Action on Billions Worth Tax-Related Cases

The FBR’s directive, disseminated to all Chief Commissioners of Inland Revenue, underscores the urgency to tackle pending cases swiftly. With billions of rupees at stake, the FBR’s Legal Wing-IR has mobilized efforts to prioritize the early fixation of these cases.

According to the instructions issued by the FBR, the Secretary to the Attorney General has formally approached the Registrars of High Courts in Sindh, Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar, urging them to prioritize the listed cases provided by the FBR.

To ensure robust representation in court, Chief Commissioners are mandated to meticulously brief legal counsels under their jurisdiction. Each Chief Commissioner is tasked with forming a dedicated team of officers to assist legal counsels during hearings, thereby minimizing the likelihood of adjournments except in cases of utmost necessity.

The FBR has underscored the importance of adherence to these instructions, emphasizing that all-out efforts must be made to safeguard the interests of revenue. Directors Law stationed in Karachi and Lahore have been entrusted with overseeing the progress of these efforts and are required to furnish fortnightly progress reports to the Board.

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In conclusion, the FBR has reiterated the imperative for strict compliance with the outlined directives, emphasizing the need for concerted efforts to effectively defend the cause of revenue before the courts. With these proactive measures in place, the FBR aims to streamline the resolution of tax-related disputes and bolster revenue collection efforts.

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