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Fauji Foundation Appoints Retired General as New ChairmanTop of Form

In a significant leadership transition, Fauji Foundation has appointed retired Lieutenant General Anwar Ali Hyder as the new Director and Chairman, succeeding Waqar Ahmed Malik, who served as the first civilian CEO for nearly four years.

Fauji Foundation Appoints Retired General as New ChairmanTop of Form

The announcement came through a stock filing by Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited (PSX: FFC) on Monday, stating, “Mr. Waqar Ahmed Malik, Director/Chairman has ceased to be the Director/Chairman of the Company w.e.f. 05-04-2024, and Lieutenant General Anwar Ali Hyder, HI(M) (Retd) has been appointed as Director/Chairman.”

Besides assuming leadership at FFC, Lieutenant General Anwar Ali Hyder (Retd) has also been appointed as the chairman of the Fauji Group of Companies and Managing Director & CEO of Fauji Foundation.

Waqar Ahmed Malik’s tenure as CEO witnessed significant improvements across various publicly listed firms under the Fauji Foundation umbrella, notably Fauji Foods, which achieved profitability for the first time in years and enhanced margins despite market challenges. However, his strategy of bringing industry professionals into key roles and transitioning away from military management was not sufficient to secure an extension.

With Malik’s departure, FFC is now back under military leadership, led by Lieutenant General Anwar Ali Hyder (Retd), renowned for his active roles in various government bodies. This leadership change prompts questions about the future direction of the Fauji Foundation and its associated companies.

The associated companies under the Fauji Foundation include fully owned entities such as Fauji Cereals, Foundation Gas, Overseas Employment Services, and Fauji Foundation Experimental And Seed Multiplication Farm. Additionally, there are subsidiaries like Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited (FFC), Fauji Cement Company Limited, Mari Petroleum Company Limited, and various others spanning diverse sectors.

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As Lieutenant General Anwar Ali Hyder (Retd) assumes his new role, stakeholders anticipate strategic shifts and initiatives under his leadership across the Fauji Foundation’s expansive portfolio of companies and ventures.

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