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Factory Robot Mishap Inflicts Severe Injuries on Tesla Employee

“Discover the latest news from Tesla’s Austin factory, where a malfunctioning robot attacked a software engineer. Dive into the details of the incident, workplace safety concerns, and the broader implications for automated manufacturing processes. Stay informed with our concise coverage.”

Factory Robot Mishap Inflicts Severe Injuries on Tesla Employee

A scary thing happened at Tesla’s high-tech factory in Austin, Texas. A robot that was supposed to be working properly attacked a computer expert. This news became public when a report about the incident in 2021 was shared with Travis County officials and federal regulators.

The computer expert was hurt on his left hand, and there was a lot of blood. He was busy telling the robot how to cut car parts from new pieces of metal when the robot suddenly attacked him. Witnesses say the robot held the computer expert down and hurt his back and arm. Thankfully, a colleague quickly stopped the robot by pressing an emergency button. The computer expert was then able to get away, but he fell down a chute meant for collecting scrap metal.

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The good news is that the injuries were not so bad that the computer expert had to stop working. However, this incident has raised concerns about how safe it is to work with robots in places like Tesla’s factory. Some people are criticizing Tesla for not doing enough to keep workers safe. Reports show that the Giga Texas plant has more injuries than other similar auto factories in the United States. For every 26 workers at the Tesla Giga Texas plant, one got hurt badly, while at other major auto factories, it’s only one in 38 workers.

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