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Extended Winter Breaks Declared for Schools Due to Chilly Conditions

Discover the latest updates on school closures in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab due to cold weather conditions. Stay informed about changes in winter vacation schedules and compliance measures in place to ensure students’ well-being.

Extended Winter Breaks Declared for Schools Due to Chilly Conditions

Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) has officially said that schools will be closed from January 5 to 15 because it’s very cold and foggy. The Deputy Commissioner of Bhimbhar warned that schools breaking this rule will be shut down, and their registration will be canceled.

Bhimbhar DC Mirza Arshad Jaral, in charge of making sure people follow the rules, said they won’t tolerate any carelessness about students’ health. He sent orders to the leaders of the three tehsils to make sure this happens.

In Punjab, the School Education Department (SED) and Higher Education Department (HED) decided to extend the winter break for all schools, public and private. This decision followed the Lahore High Court’s (LHC) order to make the holidays longer

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The SED and HED stated that the winter vacation will now go on until January 9, 2024. This change is different from the earlier plan that had set the winter holidays from December 18 to December 31.

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