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Explore the Best-Performing Investments in Pakistan for 2023

Discover the financial landscape in Pakistan for 2023! From thriving stock markets to lucrative investments in gold, US Dollars, and government T-Bills, find out about the best-performing assets. Explore the gains in real estate and low-risk avenues, providing insights for strategic investment decisions.

Explore the Best-Performing Investments in Pakistan for 2023

In 2023, things changed for the better for investments in Pakistan. Pakistan’s stock market, which had not been doing so well in recent years, did well this year. The main stock index, called the KSE 100 Index, went up by 53 percent from January 1, 2023, to December 22, 2023. This includes the money people got from their investments and dividends, as said in a report by Topline Securities.

People in Pakistan also liked investing in the US Dollar in the last few years. In 2023, the US Dollar made a profit of 25 percent. It went up from Rs. 226 to Rs. 283 in the banks and from Rs. 236 to Rs. 285 in the open market. If someone put this money in a special bank account for a year, they would have made even more money – 29 percent in the banks and 25 percent in the open market.

People who had a Naya Pakistan US$ Certificate under Roshan Digital Account also made a profit of 33 percent because the value of the Pakistani Rupee went down.

Gold, which was a good investment in the last few years, still made money for people in 2023. It went up from Rs. 157,836/10 grams to Rs. 186,900/10 grams, making a profit of 18 percent. In the world market, it went up from US$ 1,826/ounce on December 30, 2022, to US$ 2,065/ounce on December 22, 2023.

Investing in Government T-Bills also worked well in 2023. The government had to increase interest rates because of some changes in the money system, and people who invested in T-Bills made a profit of 23 percent. This report is talking about investing in 3-month T-Bills that were actively traded.

Because interest rates were high, many people chose safe investments in 2023. In the safe investment market, the average bank saving rate was 17 percent, and the National Savings 3-year Special Saving Certificate (SSC) made a profit of 13 percent. Money market funds from local investment companies made an average profit of 20 percent.

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According to, which is a website about property, real estate in Karachi went up by 6-29 percent in 2023. Even though many people stayed away from the property market, it seems like it did well.

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