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Explore Job Opportunities for Drivers in Saudi Arabia 2024

Explore job opportunities in Saudi Arabia for Pakistani drivers. Earn competitive salaries (1,000-2,200 SAR) with benefits like free accommodation, food, and health insurance. Join a workforce contributing to the transportation sector in luxury cars or as a truck driver. Discover the strong ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Apply now for a promising career through the Saudi Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment.

Explore Job Opportunities for Drivers in Saudi Arabia 2024; Find Application Details for Pakistani Applicants

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a lot of people from Pakistan. Many Pakistanis went to Saudi Arabia to find jobs.

In Saudi Arabia, there are many Pakistani drivers. They, along with other foreigners, work there to have better jobs and make more money. Skilled drivers from Pakistan help with transportation, like driving taxis, being personal drivers, or working for companies.

Recently, the Saudi Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment said there are 2,000 job openings for personal drivers in different cities for 2024. If someone wants to move to Saudi Arabia for this job, they can contact recruiters through the bureau’s website.

Driver Job Salary in Saudi Arabia

The salary for these driving jobs in Saudi Arabia is between 1,000-1,800 Saudi Riyal. Besides the salary, they also get free accommodation, food, tickets, medical coverage, health insurance, and transportation.

These drivers work in different cities for companies or individuals. They drive luxury cars and take clients to different places.

Saudi Arabia also wants to hire around 2,900 truck drivers. The salary for this job is between 1,200-2,200 Saudi Riyal, and they also get benefits like transportation, accommodation, and health insurance.

Saudi Jobs 2024: Apply from Pakistan

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have strong diplomatic relations. Last year, Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia sent $540.3 million in remittances. This was the highest amount, followed by remittances from UAE, Britain, and the US.

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