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Explore Australia’s New Visa Rules for International Students

The Australian government has made some changes to student visas to make sure that people applying for visas are really students. They want to make sure that students and graduates are working in jobs that match what they learned.

Explore Australia's New Visa Rules for International Students

One of the changes is that the post-study work visa for international students is now shorter by two years. Before, undergraduates on certain programs could stay and work in Australia for four years instead of two. Master’s students in certain subjects could stay for five years instead of three. But now, it’s back to the original two and three years.

Australia cuts post-study work visa by two years and increases English language test requirements

The government’s plan, announced in December 2024, also says that the special rules for international students during the Covid-19 pandemic will end. This includes not having limits on how many hours students can work.

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They are making these changes to make sure that international education is reliable and to support real students. They are also fixing a problem that lets students move to lower-quality schools. Additionally, the amount of money international students need in savings to get a visa will increase to A$24,505 (£13,000), which is 17% more than before.

Australia Visa Update:

PM Albanese said that Australia wants to reduce the number of immigrants by up to 250,000 each year, going back to the levels before Covid-19.

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In the new plan, it will be harder for students from other countries or those with low skills to get a visa. This might cause a lack of workers because Australia, with more than 25 million people, is finding it difficult to attract professionals.

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The Home Affairs Minister also shared a new immigration strategy that has made the migration system more complicated. The new steps aim to lower the number of people coming from other countries to live in Australia. By mid-2024, over half a million people are expected to arrive in Australia, and the government thinks this will create challenges for both the state and the people.

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With the new measures, international students will have to meet stricter English-language requirements. Those who are already living in Australia will need to show plans to continue their academic career, as the government aims to attract specialists and essential skilled workers.

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