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Expectations Point to KSE-100 Index Hitting 81,000 by Close of 2024

Forecasts indicate KSE-100 Index to reach 81,000 by December 2024, offering potential investment opportunities.

Expectations Point to KSE-100 Index Hitting 81,000 by Close of 2024

Karachi: Arif Habib Limited (AHL), a big company that helps people buy and sell stocks, thinks that the main stock market in Pakistan, called KSE-100, will likely reach 81,000 points by December 2024. They made a report called “Targeting 81,000; Resilience and Redefined” where they said this. They believe it’s because companies will make a lot of money, the prices of stocks are attractive, there’s a lot of money in Pakistan, and the country’s economy is growing okay.

AHL asked different important people about what they think will happen in the next year in Pakistan’s economy and the stock market. Most of them, 61%, think the stock market will end higher than 70,000 points by the end of 2024. 36% think it’ll be between 65,000 and 70,000, and only 4% think it’ll be lower than 57,000.

In their report, AHL talks about what might happen in 2024. They think that the prices of stocks will look good, there will be a lot of money in Pakistan, and the country’s financial situation will get better. They believe that different parts of the economy will grow, especially banking, cement, steel, and energy industries.

They also mention that right now, stocks are selling for a good price compared to how much money companies are making. This could mean it’s a good time to invest in stocks. The report also talks about how the stock market could grow more in the future based on different measures they look at.

The report talks about how some companies are buying back their own stocks. This means they’re using their money to buy their own shares because they think it’s a good deal. It helps the company and makes their stocks more valuable. This is happening because borrowing money is expensive right now, and there are limits on bringing in machinery from other countries. It’s a way for companies to spend their money wisely.

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