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Examining Exams: Unveiling Their Environmental Impact

London: Discover the environmental impact of exam preparations! A recent study by the UK’s Office for Qualifications and Examinations Regulation reveals surprising greenhouse gas emissions from English language GCSE exams. Explore the findings, including the carbon footprint of student transportation and on-site administration.

Examining Exams: Unveiling Their Environmental Impact

A recent study found that getting ready for exams releases a lot of greenhouse gases into the air.

The UK’s Office for Qualifications and Examinations Regulation did the study. They discovered that making, printing, testing, and grading an English language GCSE exam produced 5.6 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

This amount of carbon dioxide is like using a washing machine five times at a high temperature or driving a car for 1.82 kilometers on petrol.

When about 780,000 students took the English language GCSE exam this year, it added 4,368 tons of carbon dioxide to the air.

The study looked at everything used for an exam for the first time. They checked each step, from making the test paper to throwing away the exam papers.

It might seem like the weather is the biggest problem for the exam papers, but the main issue is the students and administrators coming to the exam center.

More than half of the emissions for this test come from transportation. Thirty percent is from heating and lighting on the exam day, and the last 20 percent is from scanning and grading the exam, training the staff, and moving and storing the papers.

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