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Election Process in Pakistan

The recent elections in Pakistan faced a lot of criticism because people believed there was cheating in many areas of the country. Some observers say that about 10 percent, which is around 7,000, of the voting stations were rigged to influence the voters.

election process in pakistan

This means that some dishonest actions took place, like fake votes, pressuring voters, and problems with ballot boxes and papers in different parts of the country.

The electoral system in Pakistan

Although some experts think the elections overall went well, they also say it’s hard to make elections completely fair, especially on such a large scale. They are right. The power of political parties over regular people is strong, especially in cities like Karachi. People from a political group can go to someone and tell them to vote for their party. This may not have happened everywhere in Karachi, but I know people who say members of a certain party came to their homes and demanded their vote. If they didn’t vote that way, they were told they might face serious problems in the future.

Pakistan’s electoral system

Even now, social media is full of videos showing cheating in certain voting stations in the country. Karachi wasn’t the only city affected; cities in Punjab, Baluchistan, and KPK also had similar problems. So, was it the fault of Pakistan’s election system? Was the system so weak that it could be easily manipulated? In my opinion, it’s not the system’s fault. I think the election commission of Pakistan did a decent job to make the elections free and fair. Then what went wrong? Well, people in Karachi know exactly what went wrong.

The people in this city were aware of the threats to the fairness of the elections. The political party claiming Karachi as its own property, in my opinion, was the main reason for cheating in Karachi. Also, every political party in Karachi has its own area, and they did everything they could in their area to get the most votes for their party, and they succeeded. These political parties are so powerful that the election commission can’t do anything about it.

How Many Elections Held in Pakistan

I blame the political parties for not following the election rules. Their desire for power is so strong that they don’t care about ethics or social values, and they will do everything they can to win. And that’s what they did. One positive thing from these elections is that many people were motivated to vote and use their right. Despite threats and bombings on political party campaigns before the elections, there was a massive turnout. According to a survey, the turnout was 60 to 65 percent, compared to 40 percent in the 2008 elections.

Election Duty List 2024 Announced

The only good thing from these elections is the motivation of people to vote and use their right. The media played its part, and social media and campaigns like Pak Voter did an excellent job in spreading the word and getting people to vote. The percentage might be low, but at least, this nation is waking up. Good job, Pakistan!

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