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ECP Ensures Fair Play for Candidates and Parties

“Election Commission of Pakistan ensures fair play! Read how they address concerns, demand a level field for all parties, and safeguard candidates’ rights. Stay informed on the latest political developments.”

ECP Ensures Fair Play for Candidates and Parties

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has sent a letter to the Punjab police and chief secretary about treating all political parties fairly.

A party wrote to the ECP asking for fairness, and the ECP told the authorities in Punjab to make sure all candidates and parties get a fair chance. They said no one, including PTI candidates, should be stopped from running in the elections.

The ECP also said that the authorities must handle the PTI’s complaints according to the law. They want PTI candidates to meet the returning officers on their own, and the people supporting them should also be allowed.

At the same time, the PTI has asked the ECP to change the Punjab police chief and chief secretary, saying they are causing problems for PTI members. The party wants the ECP to stop the arrests of their candidates’ supporters and make sure they are part of the nomination process.

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Another letter from the ECP to the Punjab chief secretary and IGP responded to a request from Fawad Chaudhry’s brother. The ECP said that during the nomination process, the safety of candidates and their supporters should be guaranteed. The ECP emphasized that no political leader or party should lose their basic rights.

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