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E-Domicile Facility Launched In Peshawar

Discover the hassle-free way to get your domicile documents with the newly launched e-domicile facility in Peshawar. Apply online from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need for physical visits. Convenient, efficient, and part of the Khushhal Khyber Pakhtunkhwa program.

E-Domicile Facility Launched In Peshawar

The district administration started a new online service on Saturday. It’s called the e-domicile facility, and it’s part of the Khushhal Khyber Pakhtunkhwa program. The deputy commissioner, Aafaq Wazir, opened this service to help people easily get their domicile documents.

Now, people who live in cities can apply for their domiciles online. They don’t need to go to the offices in person anymore. Deputy Commissioner Afaq Wazir explained that the e-domicile service is not only for convenience but also aims to help women. Parents can make profiles for multiple children on the official website After applying online, they receive an e-ticket. Then, they visit specific service centers for verification and data entry. The whole process, from verification to approval, happens through the tehsildar and assistant commissioner’s dashboard. The final approval comes from the DC’s office, and citizens can print their e-domicile from anywhere.

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Mr. Wazir mentioned that this e-domicile service is also for parents with children studying abroad. Additionally, there is a center at the deputy commissioner’s office to assist differently-abled individuals in using this facility.

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