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Djokovic Claims the Title of Wimbledon Favorite

During Wimbledon, there were reports of Carlos Alcaraz’s father filming Novak Djokovic during practice. Djokovic, aiming for his eighth title at the All England Club and his 24th career major, secured his 12th Wimbledon semifinal and his 46th at Grand Slams by defeating Andrey Rublev in four sets on Tuesday. This accomplishment further adds to Djokovic’s tennis legacy, both overall and at SW19. When asked about the incident, Alcaraz responded that he wouldn’t be surprised if it did happen. Djokovic Claims the Title of Wimbledon Favorite.

Djokovic’s victory against Rublev with a score of 4-6, 6-1, 6-4, 6-3 sets up a semifinal match against Italy’s Jannik Sinner. Despite opponents studying his on-court moves, strengths, and weaknesses to gain an edge, Djokovic remains unbeaten in 43 consecutive matches. He is on the verge of not only defending his Wimbledon title for the fifth consecutive time but also matching Roger Federer’s Open Era record of eight Wimbledon triumphs. Djokovic Claims the Title of Wimbledon Favorite.

Wimbledon: Djokovic Believes He’s the Top Contender

It turns out that Alcaraz’s father is an avid tennis fan who spends the entire day at the All England Club, not only watching his son, who is ranked No. 1 and top-seeded at the 2023 Championships, but also observing other players. Alcaraz’s father keeps a close eye on matches and practices, so it’s possible that he filmed Djokovic with his phone. Alcaraz himself sees the possibility of facing Djokovic as a favorite, considering his own successful run at Wimbledon.

Djokovic Claims the Title of Wimbledon Favorite

The practice courts at Wimbledon are accessible to reporters and a limited number of fans, who often queue up to watch the top players during their training sessions and record videos as souvenirs. Djokovic, in his 400th Grand Slam match, expressed enjoyment in being the player everyone wants to beat. Alcaraz has repeatedly expressed his desire to reach the final and play against Djokovic throughout his Wimbledon campaign.

Djokovic Confidently Labels Himself as the Wimbledon Front-Runner

Adjacent practice courts at Wimbledon have no walls or barriers, allowing players to keep an eye on each other. In this context, it is possible for Alcaraz’s father to have filmed Djokovic during practice. Rublev, currently ranked seventh in the world, has now lost all eight quarterfinals he has played in Grand Slam tournaments.

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