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Did NAB Lie Yesterday or Today?”

Continual issues persist under the guise of accountability. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) initiates cases, spends significant sums from national funds, and accuses specific politicians of corruption. However, over time, the NAB’s stance often shifts. Cases once highlighted for corruption lack evidence and are deemed wrongly fabricated. Yet, there’s no internal accountability within the NAB.

Did NAB Lie Yesterday or Today

In a recent development, the NAB sought to acquit former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from a reference involving fake bank accounts and luxury cars. Initially accused of buying a Mercedes against regulations, the NAB’s report now claims the car was gifted by the Saudi government in 1997 and kept in Toshakhana. Furthermore, it’s stated that Nawaz Sharif acquired the car from the Federal Transport Pool, not Toshakhana.

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This change in stance raises questions about the credibility of the NAB and the justice system. While cases against some politicians drag on for years, others face swift convictions. The accountability process should be fair and transparent, holding the NAB accountable for its actions and addressing any misconduct by its officers.

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