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Determined to Defeat India: Trailer Released for Yamuna Zaidi’s Debut Film “Nayab”

Karachi:  “Explore the exciting journey of Nayab, a gripping film starring renowned Pakistani actress Yamuna Zaidi. Follow Nayab’s dreams of becoming a cricketer as she confronts family and societal challenges. Directed by Umeer Nasir Ali, this engaging movie features a stellar cast including Javed Sheikh and Adnan Siddiqui. Join Nayab on her quest for success, shot against the vibrant backdrop of Karachi and other Pakistani cities. A tale of determination, family dynamics, and the pursuit of dreams in the world of cricket.”

Determined to Defeat India

Yamuna Zaidi, a famous actress from Pakistan, has just released the trailer for her first movie, “Nayab.”

Yamuna Zaidi, well-known for her excellent acting in dramas, is now entering the world of movies. The trailer for her debut film, “Nayab,” is 2 minutes and 43 seconds long.

In this movie, Yamuna Zaidi plays the lead role of a girl named ‘Nayab,’ who has been passionate about becoming a cricketer since childhood. Throughout her journey to fulfill this dream, Nayab faces challenges from her family and society.

The film also features other actors such as Javed Sheikh, Adnan Siddiqui, Osama Khan, Muhammad Fawad Khan, and Rial Mahmood. Javed Sheikh plays the role of Yamuna Zaidi’s father in the film.


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In the storyline, Javed Sheikh strongly opposes Nayab’s cricket aspirations. However, Nayab’s brother supports her, helping her from joining the cricket academy to making it to the national team.


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“Nayab” is directed by Umeer Nasir Ali, produced by Rumina Umar and Umeer Irfani, and written by Abbas Naqvi and Basit Naqvi. The film was shot in Karachi, with some scenes filmed in other Pakistani cities, including Lahore.

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In the concluding scene of the “Nayab” trailer, Yamuna Zaidi delivers a powerful line to her father, Javed Sheikh, saying, “Dad! You see, I will defeat India only.”

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