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Dengue Outbreak in Nagaa Sandal

With numerous residents falling ill in Nagaa Sandal, a small village in Qena, experiencing symptoms such as vomiting, fever, and diarrhea, the Health Ministry confirmed on Tuesday that the viral infection responsible is mosquito-borne Dengue fever. According to the provided details, the disease has manifested symptoms like high fever, headaches, fatigue, and stomach pain among the affected individuals. On Tuesday, Abdel-Ghaffar asserted during televised statements that the disease in Qena is indeed “dengue fever” and is unrelated to the coronavirus. Dengue Outbreak in Nagaa Sandal.

The Ministry of Health and Population assures that they are implementing all preventive and precautionary measures to combat disease vectors and halt their spread. As of now, all reported infection cases are minor and can be managed at home. The ministry stated that they are undertaking “all preventive and precautionary measures in vector control and reducing the spread of the disease,” which has a mortality rate of less than one percent when individuals have access to medical treatment. The ministry also mentioned that “some of the cases have connections to other cases that exhibited similar symptoms in Safaga and Qusayr,” without providing further explanation.

Health Ministry Confirms Dengue Fever Outbreak in Nagaa Sandal

Adib disclosed that hundreds of people in Qena governorate have been infected, prompting the Ministry of Health and Population to take immediate action. He explained that dengue fever is known to exist in more than 100 countries worldwide. The dengue virus (DENV), transmitted through mosquito bites, causes the viral infection known as dengue.

Dengue Outbreak in Nagaa Sandal

According to Alaa Ghanem, the health program director at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, dengue outbreaks occur annually in Egypt during this time of year, affecting the Qena and Red Sea governorates seasonally. The Egyptian Ministry of Health reported that approximately 250 people from the village of al-Aleqat in Qena Governorate exhibited symptoms of the mysterious disease.

Mosquito-Borne Dengue Fever Spreads in Nagaa Sandal, Qena

Ghanem added that this virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and explained that treatment involves painkillers, fever reducers, and rest at home. The Ministry also dispatched a medical convoy to conduct field tests and provide treatment promptly after news of the virus outbreak emerged. Dengue cases currently exist in Qusayr and Safaga in the Red Sea Governorate, close to Qena, and have persisted for over two months, but Ghanem expressed concern about the insufficient media coverage of the disease.

However, the symptoms do not follow a specific pattern, ranging from mild to moderate, and have not required hospitalization. Abdel-Ghaffar mentioned that there were no cases necessitating hospitalization, and all affected individuals received treatment at home. The results of investigations and samples revealed the presence of the mosquito that transmits dengue fever, and some blood samples tested positive for dengue fever, though the Ministry did not specify if all cases were positive.

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