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Demand for 251,000 Foreign Workers in Switzerland Across 15 Professions

Discover abundant job opportunities in Switzerland across diverse industries. Explore the most sought-after career paths, address the skills gap, and learn about streamlined work visa processes for non-EU/EFTA nationals. Your gateway to a thriving career awaits!

Demand for 251,000 Foreign Workers in Switzerland Across 15 Professions

In the last quarter of 2023, Switzerland witnessed 251,226 job openings, as revealed by the findings of a recent job radar conducted by x28 AG, a platform dedicated to collecting and disseminating information about the Swiss labor market.

Job Opportunities by Industry

Employers in Switzerland are actively seeking to fill positions across various industries. The healthcare sector exhibited the highest demand with 15,790 job opportunities. The construction industry followed closely with 13,566 openings, trailed by commerce and retail (12,761), hotel and hospitality (10,478), and information technology (8,024).

Skills Shortage and Future Prospects

A notable skills gap was identified in Switzerland in a September 2023 study conducted by Advance and the University of St. Gallen. The impending retirement of Baby Boomers is expected to exacerbate this issue. According to the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI), by 2030, there could be up to 400,000 open positions, even with an annual influx of 50,000 skilled individuals, underscoring opportunities for international workers to secure jobs in Switzerland.

Most Sought-After Career Paths

The Q4 2023 Jobradar study highlighted a significant demand for certain professions:

  • Care Specialist/Nurse (6,395)
  • Electrician (6,337)
  • Sales Advisor (4,056)
  • Carpenter (3,337)
  • Project Manager (3,256)
  • Software Developer (3,187)
  • Polymechanic (3,128)
  • Healthcare Specialist (2,625)
  • Service Technician (2,606)
  • Commercial Clerk (2,559)
  • Sanitary Installer (2,541)
  • Logistics Specialist (2,521)
  • Automation Specialist (2,459)
  • Retail Trade Specialist (2,443)
  • Cooks (2,407)

Additionally, there is a demand for team leaders, painters, metalworkers, mechanics, machine operators, gardeners, and project managers in the building industry.

Work Visa Requirements

Non-EU/EFTA nationals intending to work in Switzerland must obtain a visa. Prospective candidates must be competent professionals with a university degree, substantial job experience, and specialized knowledge. It is crucial to secure a job offer in advance, with the business confirming the unavailability of an EU/EFTA citizen for the position.

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Facilitated Entry for Foreign Employees

Switzerland has recently streamlined its regulations for foreign workers seeking a work permit. The authorities have simplified the process of obtaining a work visa for eligible workers from other nations. Swiss officials emphasize that skilled workers from other countries can receive a work visa if there is a genuine demand and alignment with Switzerland’s economic objectives.

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