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Date Sheet for Final Term SBA 2024 Punjab Schools (Grade-1 to 8)

The Government of Punjab School Education Department (SED) has issued a notification regarding the Class 1 to Class 8th Date Sheet for Punjab School-Based Assessment (SBA) 2024 and the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in schools across Punjab. The exams are scheduled to commence on 14th March 2024 and will continue until 27th March 2024. The paper timings are from 8 am to 11 am and 12 noon to 3 pm daily, with Friday paper timings adjusted from 2 pm to 5 pm.

8th Class SBA 2024 Final Term

Schedule / Class 1 to Class 8th Date Sheet Punjab SBA 2024

Here are the details of the schedule/Class 1 to Class 8th Date Sheet for Punjab SBA 2024:

  1. The final term will cover the complete syllabus.
  2. The Punjab Examination Commission will upload the item bank, and schools will generate their unique papers using the Items Bank System (IBS) from their specific school login. Schools must ensure the conduction of exams as per the approved assessment policy framework; any deviation will be subject to appropriate action by the SED against delinquent schools/districts.
  3. For all question papers except for English and Urdu, the SED will provide bilingual versions, and schools can generate papers either in English or Urdu based on their convenience.
  4. Each school will have to generate a question paper by logging into the Items Bank System (IBS) with a QR code displaying complete information about the school, including an EMIS code that can be scanned through any QR code scanning app.
  5. Standardized marking will be ensured by using keys and rubrics available with the papers in IBS. Teachers are restricted from making their classes; instead, principals/headmasters/head teachers will ensure “cross marking” of papers by engaging teachers from other classes or schools.
  6. The system-generated paper for each subject (Grades 3 to 8) will have both parts (MCQs & CRQs) and be presented on two pages (one leaf), except for grades 1 & 2, where only one question paper will be provided for an initial assessment.

Date Sheet for Final Term SBA 2024 Punjab Schools (Grade-1 to 8)

All concerned authorities and schools are directed to follow these instructions in letter and spirit for the successful implementation of the School-Based Assessment (SBA) 2024.

8th Class SBA 2024 Final Term Download with Key

Schedule / Date Sheet Grade-I to Grade-VIII)

  • Schedule / Date Sheet for Grade I to Grade VIII
  • Final Term School-Based Assessment (SBA) 2024
  • Morning Shift Timing: 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM
  • Afternoon Shift Timing: 12:00 noon to 3:00 PM
  • Friday Shift Timing: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • (Note: Each paper is of 3 hours. The above timing is for the month of Ramazan-ul-Mubarak.)

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