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Danzoo Ticket Price 2024 | Location, Timings & Entry Fee

Experience the thrill that awaits families at Danzoo in Bahria Town Karachi, offering a day filled with entertainment and joy. As a premier entertainment destination in Bahria Town Karachi, Danzoo upholds high standards for its visitors.

Danzoo Ticket Price Renowned for its superior standards, Danzoo provides a unique adventure for all visitors. Furthermore, the management strives to set reasonable ticket prices for 2024, making it accessible to a majority of tourists.

Danzoo Ticket Price 2024 Entry Fee

What adds to its allure is the dedication to ensuring the affordability of Danzoo ticket prices in 2024. If you want to enjoy time with children outside the home, Danzoo is an ideal choice. Let’s explore the details of what makes this destination captivating and a compelling visit for everyone.

Below 2-year-old Child Free
Above 2 to till 12-Year-Old Children 600
For Young and Mature Age Visitor 1000

Bahria Town officials have consolidated all facilities in one place for the people, including restaurants and shops. Scheduled to open its doors in 2024, Danzoo promises an immersive adventure for visitors of all ages, with special discounts for local residents of the society.

Danzoo Boat & Buggy Ride Ticket Price 2024

Danzoo ticket rates are set at Rs. 1000 for adults and Rs. 600 for children up to 12 years old. Importantly, Danzoo Bahria Town Karachi is not limited to children; individuals of all ages can enter and spend their time. The cost-effectiveness of these tickets ensures that families can enjoy a day of entertainment without straining their budget.

Person Buggy Ride Boat Ride
2 year old Free Rs.249
12 year old Free Rs.250
Adult Free Rs.249

Moreover, the park management charges amounts according to age. For those seeking an additional thrill, the option to include a boating experience is available for just Rs. 250 more. All ticket prices for children, adults, and seniors are listed below.

Danzoo Park Facilities 2024

Embark on a journey through the park, captivated by the diverse wildlife it houses. From tigers, giraffes, zebras, crocs, hyenas, bears, llamas, and lions to deer, Danzoo Karachi boasts an array of animals. The timing of winter and summer changes, and with the arrival of summer, the schedule adjusts accordingly.

The Tour de DanZoo, a cable car circumnavigating the park, offers awe-inspiring views of the zoo, as the park is extensive and cannot be fully explored without a vehicle. While immersing yourself in the animal kingdom, satisfy your cravings at the park’s fast-food establishments and restaurants. DanZoo Karachi ensures your safety with foolproof security measures and does not allow vehicles, providing buggies to customers.

Danzoo Bahria Town Karachi Timings

Seize the opportunity to relish the Tour de DanZoo, an exhilarating ride providing insight into animals in their natural habitats. Don’t forget to pause at Karachi’s largest aviary, showcasing a diverse collection of exotic birds. Danzoo Bahria Town Karachi operates seven days a week, with ticketing concluding at 10 p.m.

Open Close
11.00 AM 11.00 pm

Danzoo Boat & Buggy Ride Ticket Price 2024

Whether you crave the excitement of roller coasters, a spin on the Ferris wheel, or a laid-back time in cafes or pubs, plan your visit accordingly to maximize the experience. The Danzoo team anticipates your arrival for an indelible experience. Arrange an economical fee and pay as Danzoo ticket price for entry in 2024.

Danzoo strategically positions its branches to cater to visitors throughout Pakistan. In Karachi, it resides on Super Highway, Bahria Town Karachi. Children not only enjoy themselves but also learn about various animals and birds.

Danzoo Bahria Town Location Address

Islamabad residents can locate Danzoo at Sector J, Phase-2 Bahria Enclave. Rawalpindi visitors have access to the Danzoo at Phase 8, Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Lahore customers can find Danzoo at Bahria Orchard on Main Raiwind Road, and the Nawabshah branch is situated at Qazi Ahmed Road, Bahria Town Nawabshah. For Peshawar visitors, Tarnab Farms on GT Road is the destination of choice. Visit this spot and enjoy time with the children.

Danzoo Bahria Town Contact No

Customers can avail themselves of round-the-clock support via a toll-free number, 0800 00100, and email [email protected] for queries or concerns. With Danzoo Bahria Town’s extensive network across Pakistan, customers can expect top-notch services and products.

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Final Verdict About Danzoo Ticket Price

Danzoo transcends being merely a destination; it’s an economical retreat for families in pursuit of entertainment and adventure. With its diverse wildlife, exhilarating rides, and nationwide accessibility, Danzoo emerges as a must-visit. The commitment to maintaining reasonable ticket prices ensures that everyone can partake in this exciting experience.

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