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CTD Operation Results in Death of Two Suspects, Including Most Wanted Terrorist

Discover the latest news on a Counter Terrorism Department operation in Chiniot, where two suspects, including a wanted terrorist, were stopped. Learn about the intense exchange of fire, efforts to identify the second terrorist, and the capture of Ghazanfar Nadeem, wanted since 2011, and involved in major incidents across Pakistan.

CTD Operation Results in Death of Two Suspects

In Chiniot, the Counter Terrorism Department took action and stopped two people, including a wanted terrorist. The officials said the terrorists fought back, there was a shooting, and they are trying to figure out who the second terrorist is. Ghazanfar Nadeem, the wanted terrorist, had a reward of five million rupees on his head.

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He had been running away since 2011, and different agencies were looking for him. In the operation, they found weapons and bullets at the terrorists’ hiding place. The CTD mentioned that Ghazanfar Nadeem, also known as Khalid Habib, was part of 11 major incidents, including one involving the ISI in Faisalabad, a suicide attack in Dera Ismail Khan, and a sectarian killing.

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