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CSS 2022 Scandal: Shocking Bribery Allegations as Students Swap Answer Sheets

Uncover a major controversy in the CSS 2022 exams as two students allegedly swapped answer sheets for money. FPSC investigates with FIA involvement. Discover the unfolding story of fairness and integrity.

Shocking Bribery Allegations as Students Swap Answer Sheets

The CSS exams, which are known as one of the fairest tests in the country, are facing a big problem. A recent report from a private news channel says that two students did something wrong in the CSS 2022 exam. They paid a lot of money to a person to change their answer sheets.

The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is looking into this issue. They asked Major (retd.) Syed Muhammad Ayub to investigate. It turns out that these two students gave money to a Grade-16 officer named Nadeem Khan. He helped them switch their answer sheets, as per the investigation.

Now, FPSC has asked the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to look into the matter. Syed Muhammad Ayub will assist the FIA in their investigation. FPSC has suggested that legal action should be taken against everyone involved under the Criminal Act.

Privatization Commission Reviews PIA Segregation Plan Today

The FIA plans to file cases against the guilty officers once they finish their inquiry. The whole situation is causing concern and questions about the fairness of the CSS exams.

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