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Critical Shortage of Vital Medicines Hits Punjab

“Punjab grapples with a critical shortage of essential and life-saving medicines, causing distress for patients and prompting urgent calls for solutions. Stay informed about the ongoing healthcare challenges in the region.”

Critical Shortage of Vital Medicines Hits Punjab

In Lahore and Faisalabad, there is a big problem because there are not enough important medicines. These medicines help people stay healthy, especially those with serious illnesses.

Many medicines are not available, and this is causing a lot of worry for sick people and their families. People are looking for medicines in different places, even on the black market, where prices are very high.

Here are some types of medicines that are hard to find:

  1. Medicines for epilepsy (seizures)
  2. Antibiotics for infections
  3. Medicines for high blood pressure and heart problems
  4. Medicines for surgeries and allergies
  5. Medicines for diabetes, TB, asthma, and hepatitis
  6. Cough syrups for colds
  7. Eye and ear drops, and ointments for wounds
  8. Injections for blood diseases

Because of this, many people are feeling anxious and frustrated. They spend a lot of time searching for medicines and going to different pharmacies, but they can’t find what they need. This is not good for their health.

The companies that make medicines say the problem is because the materials used to make medicines are very expensive. They say they can’t afford to make the medicines at the current prices.

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The government knows this is a serious problem, and they are talking to the medicine companies. But, there is no clear solution yet, and this makes sick people and their families feel unsure and scared.

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