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Crackdown on Private Educational Institutions in Residential Zones Begins

“Stay informed on Rawalpindi’s educational landscape as the RDA takes action against private schools in residential areas. Learn about the latest developments and the 15-day deadline for building regularization. Stay updated on education in your community.”

Crackdown on Private Educational Institutions in Residential Zones Begins

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is taking strong actions against private schools and colleges in neighborhoods. They may shut down if their buildings are not approved in the next 15 days.

The Supreme Court had given a three-year deadline to move 8,500 private schools and colleges out of residential areas in 44 Cantonment Boards nationwide, including 229 in Rawalpindi. This was because parents were worried about the impact on their children. However, this deadline has passed.

Cantonment authorities say that private schools are causing problems in residential areas, like making them dirty and causing traffic, pollution, and security issues.

To solve these problems, the Supreme Court initially gave a three-year deadline from 2019 to December 2021 for private schools to move out of residential areas in cantonment board regions all over the country.

In a recent update, the RDA decided to give an extension until the next school year, starting in March. This is because of the RDA’s legal actions against illegal schools. The RDA wants to allow schools to keep running smoothly during the current school year.

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The RDA said, “School owners who have set up schools in residential buildings without approval must either follow the law and get approval or stop using the buildings illegally.” School administrators need to promise to follow the law or stop illegal activities within 15 days. If they don’t, building owners will be fined Rs1,000 for each day after the deadline.

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