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Court Directs Leading Spy Agency to Uncover Source of Bushra-Khosa Audio Leak

In a recent development, a court has tasked the country’s premier intelligence agency with uncovering the identity of the individual responsible for leaking the audio involving Bushra Bibi and Latif Khosa. Stay updated on this unfolding investigation. Court Directs Leading Spy Agency to Uncover Source of Bushra-Khosa Audio Leak.

Court Directs Leading Spy Agency to Uncover Source of Bushra-Khosa Audio Leak

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has asked the head of the country’s spy agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), to find out who shared a private conversation between Imran Khan’s wife, Bushra Bibi, and lawyer Latif Khosa on social media. Someone leaked an audio recording, and the court wants to know who did it. The judge, Justice Babar Sattar, wrote a five-page order saying that the ISI should use all available technology to identify the person responsible.

A petition was filed against the release of the alleged audio of Bushra Bibi and Latif Khosa. The court has also told the directors of Pemra and PTA to come to the next hearing in person. Pemra is responsible for media regulations, and PTA oversees telecommunications.

The court heard a case about the leaked phone call between Bushra Bibi and Latif Khosa and ordered the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to examine the audio clip forensically. The IHC issued notices to FIA, Pemra, and PTA, and the next hearing is scheduled for December 11.

The court dismissed objections to the petition and asked the DG Pemra to bring the media code of conduct to explain if such audio recordings can be aired on national media. The written order also stated that the DG ISI, FIA, and PTA should submit their reports within 10 days. PTA has been instructed to trace the account where the audio was first released.

The court expressed concern that the leaks might suggest the government cannot prevent such incidents. The written order emphasized that it gives the impression that the state is failing to protect the fundamental rights of citizens. The Supreme Court has decided that if citizens’ fundamental rights are violated, there must be consequences.

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The next hearing on the audio leaks case is scheduled for December 20 in the Islamabad High Court.

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