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Cotton Deliveries Surge by 77% Within a Year

Discover positive news from Pakistan as cotton production soars by 77%! Get insights on the latest data, with 8.17 million bales received by farmers, and exciting details on province-wise contributions. Textile mills are thriving with 7.3 million bales purchased. Read now for a glimpse into Pakistan’s booming cotton industry!

Cotton Deliveries Surge by 77% Within a Year

Good news from Pakistan! They have produced a lot more cotton this year compared to last year. According to the Pakistan Cotton Ginner’s Association, the amount of cotton produced has increased by 77 percent compared to the previous year.

Until December 31, 2023, the farmers received 8.17 million bales of cotton. This is a significant increase of 3.5 million bales from the 4.6 million bales reported during the same time last year. However, the farmers predict that only 0.5 million more bales will be produced for the rest of the year.

The total production for the entire year is expected to be 8.5 million bales, which is much less than the initial target of 12.8 million bales. This means there will be about 4.3 million fewer bales produced for the year.

Looking at specific regions, Punjab, received 4.79 million bales, which is 48 percent more than last year but still about 4 million bales less than the target. In Sindh, they reported a record-breaking 4.49 million bales, a huge jump of 121 percent compared to last year.

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Textile mills in Pakistan bought 7.3 million bales of cotton from the total yield. The remaining bales are with the farmers, and some were exported to countries like Indonesia and Vietnam.

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