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Continued Decline in Gold Prices

In the global gold market, the price of gold for each unit dropped by 7 dollars, reaching a level of 1998 dollars.

Continued Decline in Gold Prices

Because of this change, the cost of one tola of 24-carat gold went down by Rs. 1000, now priced at Rs. 212600. The price for ten grams of gold also reduced by Rs. 858, making it Rs. 182270.

Item             Previous Price (Rs.)  Current Price (Rs.)  
Gold (24-carat) Tola  213600 212600
  Gold (10 grams) 183128 182270
  Silver Tola  2600  2580
  Silver (10 grams) 2229.08 2211.93

Likewise, the price of one tola of silver decreased by 20 rupees, now at 2580 rupees. For ten grams of silver, the price dropped by 17.15 rupees, reaching 2211.93 rupees.

Gold rate in Saudi Arabia today – 13 December 2023

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