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CodeNinja from Lahore Gains $1.6 Million Funding for Software Development

Lahore: “Elevate your tech game with CodeNinja – Lahore’s innovative software development company that just secured $1.6 million in funding. Explore cutting-edge solutions and seamless integration of intelligence into operational workflows. Join the success journey with CodeNinja’s mission-driven approach to artificial intelligence. Transform possibilities into reality. Discover more!”

CodeNinja from Lahore Gains $1.6 Million Funding for Software Development

The company CodeNinja, which makes software in Lahore, got $1.6 million from investors like sAi Venture Capital, Plutus21 Capital, and their partners. A press release said CodeNinja is growing fast in Pakistan and has three offices in different regions. They’ve been growing by 100% every year.

The CEO of CodeNinja, Mukhtar Ahmad, said their goal is to smoothly put intelligence and computing into their clients’ operations. Since they started in 2014, they’ve worked with more than 100 clients around the world. He also said their artificial intelligence is made to create a system that helps people succeed.

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The Managing Partner of sAi Venture Capital, Ahsan Jamil, is excited about CodeNinja. He thinks CodeNinja can work well with big clients globally and provide extra services. He said supporting businesses to become global technology players needs more than just money, and sAi Venture Capital wants to help them systematically.

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