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Chung Chi Rickshaw Legalization: Amendments to 1969 Motor Vehicles Rules Approved

“Discover the latest update as amendments to the Motor Vehicles Rules, 1969 gain approval, paving the way for the legalization of Chung Chi Rickshaws. Stay informed on the changes shaping transportation regulations.”

Chung Chi Rickshaw Legalization: Amendments to 1969 Motor Vehicles Rules Approved

Lahore: The government of Punjab has agreed to change the rules for vehicles, known as Motor Vehicles Rules, from 1969. They have decided to make the Chung Chee Rickshaw legal. The Chung Chee and Motorcycle Rickshaw will now be registered as three-wheelers.

The decision was made during the 34th meeting of the Punjab Cabinet, led by Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi. This meeting included provincial ministers, advisors, and other important officials. The changes to the Motor Vehicles Rules allow for the legalization of the Chung Chee Rickshaw, and the Regional Transport Authority will have the special responsibility of temporarily registering existing motorcycle rickshaws.

Once provisionally registered, motorcycle rickshaw owners will have four months to make necessary changes according to the required size and design. The government has also directed that the registration form be published in Urdu for better understanding.

Additionally, the meeting approved measures to ensure the stability of 18 major roads in Punjab. Toll revenue collected from these roads can only be used for the construction and repair of the respective roads. The meeting also endorsed the use of color fencing at toll booths on major roads.

During the Punjab Cabinet meeting, the Dera Ghazi Khan Cardiology Institute was officially recognized as a medical institution under the Punjab Medical and Health Institutions Act of 2003. A management committee was established for the oversight of the institute.

Steps were taken for the establishment of a nursing college at Rajab Tayyab Erdogan Hospital in Muzaffargarh. One billion rupees were allocated for the operational expenses of the nursing college, and the cabinet instructed the initiation of nursing classes at Rajab Tayyab Erdogan Hospital.

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Furthermore, the meeting approved the transformation of the Rehmatul Alameen block in Sahiwal into the Sahiwal Institute of Cardiology. The construction, renovation, and expansion projects for Data Darbar were also given the green light. Amendments to sub-clauses of Police Rules were approved, and the Management Pay Scales for 2023 were aligned with the Federal Government’s standards.

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