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Chief Justice Expresses Concerns Over Customs Authorities Smuggling and Seizing Vehicles

In Islamabad: Chief Justice highlights concerns as customs allegedly engage in vehicle smuggling and self-impoundment.

Chief Justice Expresses Concerns Over Customs Authorities Smuggling and Seizing Vehicles

Pakistan, the Chief Justice expressed concern about customs authorities seizing vehicles they suspect are smuggled. The Supreme Court dealt with a case involving a truck seized by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa customs. The court rejected the appeal of the custom and criticized their lawyer.

Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa mentioned that the customs didn’t provide proper arguments in court. He questioned how the authorities, without proper knowledge, caught a vehicle just 400 kilometers from the Peshawar border. The Chief Justice suspected that sometimes vehicles are smuggled by the customs themselves and then seized. He suggested an inquiry into the customs department, highlighting that a truck made in 1996 was seized in 2016. He questioned how it operated for 22 years and reached the customs.

The Chief Justice emphasized the need to investigate smuggling practices in Peshawar and criticized the customs for initiating unnecessary litigation that reached the Supreme Court, causing delays in handling genuine cases. Justice Athar Manullah pointed out that typically smuggled vehicles are altered, but the truck’s chassis number in this case remained unchanged. In 2008, a customs seizure involved a 1996 model truck from Peshawar.

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In the end, Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa, leading a three-member bench, dismissed the customs appeal and urged customs authorities to avoid filing unnecessary cases in the future to ensure the courts can focus on essential matters.

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