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Chenab Kinara Park View, Pics, Location, And Ticket Price

Located 40 km from Sialkot International Airport and in proximity to Wazirabad Gujrat, Pakistan, on the left bank of the Chenab River, lies the lavish Kinara Hotel. If you seek a tranquil experience in an upscale setting, this is the destination of choice. The Kinara Hotel is the perfect place to relax and absorb the city and river panoramas, standing out as the premier choice in Gujrat, Pakistan, with unparalleled infrastructure and a distinctive setting.

Chenab Kinara Park View, Pics, Location, And Ticket Price

Chenab Kinara Park View Pics Location And Ticket Price Near

The hotel presents comfortable suites and rooms equipped with all modern conveniences. It boasts top-notch facilities, including a restaurant, bar lounge, children’s park, swimming pool, conference room, wonderlands, parking, and internet connectivity. Catering to the needs of both business and leisure travelers, the Kinara Hotel provides a comprehensive array of services and amenities.

Chenab Kinara Park Ticket PricesTop of Form

Category Adult (PKR) Child (PKR) Notes
Entry Fee 50 25 Applicable for all visitors.
Boat Ride (Short) 100 50 Approximately 15-20 minutes.
Boat Ride (Long) 200 100 Approximately 45-60 minutes.
Ferris Wheel 150 100 Multiple rotations.
Toy Train 50 25 One round trip.
Bumper Cars 100 50 Per ride.
Play Area Access 100 50 Includes slides, swings, and other equipment.
Picnic Area Permit 200 100 For designated picnic areas with tables and chairs.

Additional Information:

  • Prices are subject to variation based on the season and special events.
  • Certain rides and attractions may entail additional charges.
  • Group discounts or packages may be available.
  • Children under 3 years old are granted free admission.

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Kinara Hotel Gujrat Restaurant Menu

Khan Buffet | Kinara Hotel gujrat

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