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Check for Cataracts: Light Sensitivity? Distorted Vision?

Experiencing difficulties with reading? Sensitivity to sunlight? Apprehensive about driving at night? These symptoms could indicate the presence of cataracts, a common eye condition associated with aging. The evaluation process typically includes an assessment of visual acuity, a dilated fundus examination to examine the retina and optic nerve, a slit lamp examination to rule out cataracts and other anterior segment pathologies, measurement of eye pressure, and additional specialized tests based on your medical condition or initial checkup results. Check for Cataracts: Light Sensitivity? Distorted Vision?.

Check for Cataracts: Light Sensitivity? Distorted Vision?

Senile cataracts, commonly found in individuals aged 50 and above, are the most prevalent type of cataracts among older people. Regular eye checkups are of utmost importance, as early detection can prevent over 75% of cases leading to blindness. Whether you struggle with reading printed words, regardless of their size or boldness, experience discomfort in bright sunlight, or feel anxious about night driving due to weakened eyesight, it is advisable to undergo a cataract examination.

Promote Eye Health: Sensitivity to Bright Light? Distorted Vision? Consider Cataract Evaluation

During a comprehensive ophthalmic examination, a detailed medical history is routinely taken, and relevant eye findings are thoroughly investigated. Cataracts refer to the development of opacity in the lens, which can significantly impair vision. They are broadly categorized as congenital or acquired, and in some cases, the progression may occur in the opposite direction. Congenital or developmental cataracts are present from birth or develop during childhood, while the majority of cataracts manifest as a result of the aging process.

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