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CDA Introduces Speedy Service for Building Plan Approval

Islamabad: Experience rapid approval of building plans with CDA’s Fast-Track Service. Swift and hassle-free for residential and commercial projects. Explore now!

CDA Introduces Speedy Service for Building Plan Approval

The Building Control Directorate of Capital Development Authority (CDA) has introduced a new and improved service to quickly help the people. They made the system better to provide services faster to citizens.

On Monday, the CDA started making sure that building plans get approved quickly at the facilitation center. With this new system, residential buildings that are 356 yards or smaller will be approved in just 2 days with an extra fee of 20,000 rupees and the necessary documents. For larger residential buildings, the approval will come with a fee of 30,000 rupees.

Commercial buildings up to 10,000 square yards will also be approved within 3 days. They’ve set up a separate desk for all these matters. People won’t have to wait in a separate line at this place.

They’ve also made sure the environment is good for the citizens who come here. After getting a token, people using the fast-track service can go to the relevant desk when their number is called. This way, their case will be taken care of quickly.

With the fast-track service, citizens won’t have to wait a long time or stand in lines at the CDA Facilitation Center. Once their paper documents are done, their case will be approved right away.

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This Fast Track Service is the first and most modern facility of its kind in the country. They plan to extend it to other desks later on.

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